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Abundance to all people on Warm Capitalism

〜Ecosystem based on gratitude bridges division〜

Optimize the World Upgrading Local, Harmonizing Global

Focused agendas towards 2030

  1. Optimizing Place: Design sustainable municipality coexistence with nature by leveraging Unesco City of Design Network and Ecosystem for local sustainable abundance by local digital currency.
  2. Optimizing Projects: Nurture eco-system bridging business and education on web3 with digital library and scholarship token.
  3. Optimizing People: Install “Talk in Figures” which clear process, connect team, collect success by leveraging "Talk in Figures" to all people on the globe.

Who’s Yoshi Sadai? "CFO3.0" with "8E" leadership ingredients

“CFO” is engraved in DNA of Yoshi. Career global enterprise CFO at Accenture/GE shifted to local government CFO flourished local community. He keeps evolving to adapt to environmental changes.
“CFO3.0” is what Yoshi is transforming himself to contribute the vision through his journey.

"8Es" are Yoshi's leadership ingredients - "4Es" built by Jack Welch, former CEO of GE and new "4Es"

Yoshi Sadai is a Japan-based author, social entrepreneur evolving to CFO3.0 as global leader. He climbed finance career in the global enterprises (GE, Accenture, Trading company) for 20years mainly engaged as Chief Financial Officer Asia Pacific leading double digit growth of $400M+ business and finance leaders. He moved to small town as CFO in local government work as social entrepreneur managing 15 projects at parallel.
Yoshi is in next transformation to CFO3.0, global leader for his mission with 3 focused agendas towards 2030. He leverages his CFO1.0 (global enterprise CFO), CFO2.0 (local government) as well as his assignment of Unesco design city network, web3 project and his book “Talk in Figures” (May 19 2023, Subarusya Corporation). Yoshi is servant leader with leadership ingredients of "8Es"

Journey to CFO3.0
〜CFO at global enterprise evolved to local social entrepreneur, ready for future〜

CFO1.0: Career global enterprise as Chief Financial Officer at GE, Accenture, trading company
CFO2.0: Flourish local community as local government CFO/social entrepreneur
CFO3.0: Optimize the world as a global leader
Full story: Journey to CFO3.0

"8Es": Yoshi's leadership ingredients

4Es expected to GE leaders: Energy, Energize, Edge, Execute
(built by Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric) plus
4Es Yoshi identified to be a leader: Empathize, Expertise, Educate, Endurance

What Yoshi can do/good at?

Yoshi has hybrid expertise on extreme fields of "global enterprise leader" and "local social entrepreneur" with 8Es of leadership ingredients. So, It could be simpler to mention what Yoshi is “NOT” good at.
He is not a creator who brings new dreams with head out of the clouds.
If you would like to think of Yoshi's role, good examples are as follows,

1.Business Partner as CFO/COO
Yoshi is strong at “Materializing”, while he is not good at creation from scratch.
if he empathize the leader’s vision, Yoshi visualizes goal and process with verbalization and numericalization the value shortly even if the vision could be vague or out of his domain, .
Then he identifies resource needed, persuade the best person for support, keep energizing team and leader to materialize.
This is the way he grew business when he was global enterprise CFO (CFO1.0). He leverages leadership 4E ingredients as Empathize, Energy, Energize, Execution.

He is also good at “Solving” problem. Listen, empathize and understand essence of the problem in deeper and wider. He visualizes goal and process as well as identify resources so that he advises or supports to solve problem quickly. He sometimes engages as project leader to solve problem or materialize objects. Also, he is a quick learner (Educate) to capture essence quickly. In these cases, he applies social entrepreneur expertise (CFO2.0).

3.Public speaker & author
He is passionately engaged as a public speaker and an author. His book reflects the secret of success in career by talking with simple figures (details in "Talk in Figures") and his pitch reflects his expertise of marketing & leadership to impact effectively.
Local activation, Career design, Business communication (Talk in Figures), which reflects the reality of his experience are major agendas Yoshi is requested. He speaks not only to business person but also, entrepreneur, governments, and students.

In each case, Yoshi applies 8Es specially “Empathize”, “Energize” and "Execution" for successful results.
Also, terms of finance expertise, he is good at management finance such as planning and analysis, but not so strong expertise finance accounting like tax and filings. He did not have a chance to engage in Fundraising or public offering as they are independently managed by special team in global enterprises.

Yoshi's engagements at diversified industries and people as different roles lower barriers to entry as follows;
Trading company (as finance analyst)
Consulting firm (as Japan finance lead)
Chemical manufacturer (as controller)
Global Healthcare manufacturer (Ultrasound, Bioscience/as Asia Pacific CFO)
University startup (as mentor)
Restaurants (as strategic consultant)
Silicon valley Healthcare startup (as on-demand Japan CFO)
Local government digital local currency (founder and senior advisor)
Blockchain based EV charger network (as project manager)
Blockchain based transportation (as project manager)
Local bank (as facilitator coach)
Energy enterprise (as strategic consultant)
Web3 based education & business platform
HR tech service (as director)
Environmental protection NPO (as director)
Apartment hotel (as owner) etc..

More details are found in "About Yoshi Sadai" & "15positions as social entrepreneur"

About Yoshi Sadai

Talk in Figures

15 positions as social entrepreneur

HUC: Ecosystem for local sustainable abundance