Byline BIO: Yoshi Sadai is a social entrepreneur in Japan with 15 positions of work with founder of digital local currency, advisor of Unesco design city network, Startup mentor for university researcher, owner of apartment hotel with library, as well as public speaker. Yoshi changed career from CFO at global company (GE, Accenture) to social entrepreneur. The enabler of significant life shift is published in his book “Talk in Figures” (May 19 2023, Subarusya Corporation)

Full BIO:Yoshi studied law as Hokkaido University in Hokkaido and entered Japanese trading company as finance analyst. Yoshi faced Asia currency crisis with extraordinary situation happens as 3000% in HongKong . He realized professional finance expertise requires to survive in global business which of interest rate. Then he passed U.S.CPA (Iliinois) and changed career to Accenture, appointed Japan finance lead in his 20’s. In order to acquire global leadership, he changed his career again to General Electric, climbed his finance career to CFO Asia Pacific at GE Healthcare Life Science business grew $400M+ business with his finance team of 8 countries. Engaged finance career for total 15years in global companies. 

Yoshi encountered small beautiful town and loved at first sight in 2015. He stood big forked road if keep as CFO, his lifework or move to this town giving up all his history. Thanks to advice of his mentor Ken Honda, Yoshi life-shifted and started as social entrepreneur. Yoshi launched local digital currency called ”HUC(Higashikawa Universal Card)” not only for cashless shopping, but also ecosystem of the small town such as scholarship of international language students, reward of taking health check, and volunteer service. HUC is used by 160k people while only 8k town population and awarded by The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
Also, Yoshi is an advisor of Unesco design city network successfully invited global conference in 2024 to the city. He engages as secretary general of “Machinaka Campus (outdoor campus in downtown)” to enhance high school students to teach SDGs/local activities to kids (68k people joined in 2023), mentor of startup by university researcher, owner of apartment hotel with library, , director of environmental protection NPO as well as public speaker, total 15 jobs he plays at parallel.
Yoshi published his book called “Talk in Figures” (May 19 2023, Subarusya Corporation). It reveal the secret of success by making figures (numbers) as lifetime friend. If you talk in simple figures, you can make fast track of career promotion, leadership, life-shift to social entrepreneur with no expertise, manage multiple jobs and enhance people relationships.
He is fluent in Japanese and English; lived in HongKong for a year, the rest in Tokyo for 20years, moved to Higashikawa town, small local town with peak mountain which is sacred place by indigenous people and live with natural mineral water.