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Talk in Figures: The World Common Language of Upgrading Local, Harmonizing Global

Yoshi Sadai shows people how to impact the world by enhancing communication talking with simple figures.

Yoshi Sadai is a Japan based social entrepreneur in 15 positions of work life shifted from global enterprise CFO (GE, Accenture) .
He upgrades local as a founder of digital local currency, a startup mentor for university researcher. Also, harmonizes global as an advisor of Unesco Design City Network and public speaker. He works with different team at each position, sometimes locally offline, the other time with multiple countries online while he does not have expertise on most of these positions as new opportunities keep coming. Still he enjoy impacting new positions.
How does he manage such many positions with diversified people without expertise? Of course his leadership and expertise as global CFO can be leveraged to many areas, but it is not everything.
His book called “Talk in Figures” (May 19 2023, Subarusya Corporation) reveals the secret. "Talk in Figures" brings you life with "Best place, Best team and Best job" as you like.

What is “Talk in Figures (numbers)”?

Yoshi Sadai asserts that it is possible for anyone, no matter their business or academic background or to success in their work with talking in figures.
“There is another way of business success, especially communication with simple figures,” says Yoshi.
Because it clears the fog of Ambiguity around business communication.  

Imagine, if you communicate with person who does not understand your language.
Even you do not speak the other’s language fluently or even you know only a few words, it helps a lot to understand each other.
So, what is the most common language on the world, English, Chinese or Spanish?
English is used by 1.5 billion people, Chinese follows, still not enough to cover globally.
It is "Figure".

“Figure (number)” is world common language.
1 plus 1 equal 2. This applies globally.
Even education, business, country or culture is different, you can communicate using figures.
It means you can communicate with 8 billion people on the globe with figures, so your world become larger and you have more opportunities to success.

Does Talk in Figures become bring you Success?

Yoshi asks: "Do you speak in figures in business?"
Some would say “Of course”,  others “I am not good at”, or even you may be unconsciously avoid talking in figures.

Even you talk with people in the same language, “Talk in Figures” is critical, because it provides clarity.
Conversely, if you do not talk in figures, it occurs ambiguity which kills your success at work.

For example, would you talk unconsciously if you would like to get advice from your colleague.
“Do you have a min?” In many cases, "a min" does not mean 60 second, but “for a while”.
On the other hand, if you are asked “do you have a min?”, how long do you expect, it could be 5min, or 1hour?
It may not be unusual if "a min" results for 2hours while you expected 5min.
The ambiguity kills the most important resource, which is "TIME".

Other examples of Talk “without” figures
“Can you do this report as soon as possible?”
“I will try my best on sales this year”
“I have strong confidence to win the business”

Do you believe there is a good result at office everybody talks as above?
Obviously, not.

How Can People Choose “Talk in Figures”?

So what you can do if you would like to start talking in figures, while you are not get used to?
“I believe it begins with decision to be a friend of Figures” Yoshi says.
“Instead of believing figure beats you unless your figure is 100% correct, you begin thinking: It is important to talk with figures like you talk about your friend with love & passion.

It may be beneficial to talk in figures, still you may have fear as follows,
“What if my boss get angry if my figures is not correct? ”
“What if I feel embarrassed if my figures in presentation is not correct?"

The simple principle may help you to talk in figures that “There is no 100% precise figures in future”. 
Because nobody can foretell if it rains tomorrow or stock price next week.
Still specialists talk in figures as they know it is much more valuable talking figures even sometimes wrong than ambiguity without figures.
“How likely (%)” energizes you to talk about future.

Also, you may be afraid “What if my customer say your price is expensive”.
You are correct. It happens.
But you can be confident by knowing “figure in customer’s mind is different from what you have”.

Figures is also great tool to understand the difference.
If both understand the difference, you can start to talk to mitigate the difference.
So, talk clearly “how much” is so critical in business.

One reminder is that talking in figures is important, but there is opposite effect if you talk everything in precise number.

“Figure” is communication tool, so “Being understood” is more important than “Being precise”.
So, talk in simple figure with selected factors is required.

Then what is “Selected” factor? It is very simple.

Only 3 points which can be used by elementary school students.
The 3 points are “when, how much, how likely (%)”.
They cover 95% of business communication.

Instead of sample talking “without” figures mentioned, you can talk as follows;
“Can you do this report by 3pm on 15th? (instead of as soon as possible)?”
“I will try $100k (instead of my best) on sales this year”
“I have 70% (instead of strong) confidence to win the business”
They bring much more clarity than "without" figures.

Also, there are many practical cases to use at daily reports, presentations, management in the book of "Talk in Figures" you can use right after reading it.

If you decide to become friend of figures, released the fear of making mistake, understand 3 points “when, how much, how likely (%)”. You may be surprised that you find yourself talking in figures and working successfully.
As mentioned, if you talk in figures, you get support, you have clear process to execute work, you have fair recognition on your work.

“Talk in figures” can be valuable not only at office, but also helpful when you face new challenges as well.
This is the secret to success at career promotion in global company as well as social entrepreneur.