Yoshi Sadai's work principal is "Best place, Best team and Best job". It is different depending on the time.
Similar to his student days playing rugby with 15 positions, but only difference is he plays all positions himself.

Yoshi works in town, other part of Japan, or with global team day by day or even some in a same day.
He also engages public, private enterprise or his own business.
He plays 15 position with fun thanks to the lifetime friend of "Talk in Figures".

  1. Founder/Senior advisor of HUC (digital local currency) https://eprints.lib.hokudai.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/2115/86686/1/JJSC31_101-106_SadaiT.pdf
  2. Advisor of Unesco design city network (Asahikawa city)  https://www.designcities.net/
  3. Secretary general of “Machinaka Campus (outdoor campus in downtown)” to enhance high school students to teach SDGs/local activities to kids (68k people joined in 2023) https://sites.google.com/view/machinakacampus/
  4. Owner of apartment hotel in town (with private library) https://peakvs.jp/?page_id=636
  5. Director of environmental protection NPO https://daisetsu.or.jp/
  6. Director of local Chamber of Commerce 
  7. Regional leader of online Japan local activation community https://chiikishonin.com/
  8. Mentor of startup by university researcher https://hx.mcip.hokudai.ac.jp/
  9. Public speak (local activation, career design, business communication)
  10. Author “Talk in Figures” https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/ebook/dp/B0BZYWK6KB
  11. On-demand CFO of local food industry https://marutamasquare.wixsite.com/marutama/en/%E8%A4%87%E8%A3%BD-online-shop
  12. Strategic consulting of infrastructure company
  13. Marketing of online yoga lesson https://soraone.com
  14. Business development of web3 education/business platform 
  15. Co-founder of cultural exchange project with India

Yoshi’s engagement in town is called as CFO which stands for “Community Finance Officer” and “Community Future Optimizer” work as consultant or project manager.
Some website is only in Japanese. Please contact info@sophiabliss.co.jp in case if you would like to know more details.