〜CFO at global enterprise evolved to local social entrepreneur, in transformation to global leader〜

CFO1.0: Career global enterprise to win
Yoshi started his finance career in Japanese trading company although he was not good at figures. He faced Asia currency crisis with 3,000% in Hong Kong where he was totally helpless.
In order to survive, he studied for USCPA, moved to Accenture partnering CEO as Japan finance lead, then GE becoming business leader as Asia Pacific CFO.
Jack Welch, former CEO of GE Jack Welch requested 4 leadership ingredients called "4Es" (Energy, Execution, Edge, Energize), which are naturally required to career to be a leader. Also, he has been acquired the other "4Es". Total "8Es" is his leadership ingredients. So, what are the other 4Es? They are "Empathize, Expertise, Educate, Endurance".
Yoshi's leader style is “servant leadership”, he starts with empathize CEO’s vision or team’s passion. Then he makes clarity with finance expertise. If other expertise needed, he educate team and himself. Last, but not least, endurance (never give up) is needed.
Leveraging 8Es, Yoshi challenged physically such as 100km ultra trail or 200km ultramarathon as well. As an enterprise, GE Healthcare has great mission “Create a healthier world”. GE was ideal company for Yoshi with mission, people and challenge.

By the way, if you work for large company, your work should result in growing market capitalization. Simple measurement is how much do you contribute on company profit. It is more significant question if you are CFO of global enterprise.
In CFO days to grow business, Yoshi started to have a question if there is an option that all people receive abundance or at least live in peace. The concept of “No one left behind” at SDGs is translated to Yoshi as “warm capitalism with gratitude”.
He realized he may not contribute the future in his career directly. Also, he found the risk of slowing down of personal growth if he continues working as CFO which business size becomes bigger, but similar role.

CFO2.0: Flourish local community as local government CFO/social entrepreneur
So, Yoshi decided to give up global enterprise CFO and started at ground zero in local government where no expertise or experience of CFO is valued. On top of that, he was totally stranger there, just decided followed his intuition to move the small town thanks to his mentor Ken Honda who supported the challenge.
Yoshi’s first mission is make 100 snowmen for snow festival in winter with minus 20 degrees. He kept saying “Yes” to the requests as long as it seems to support local community.
Then he was appointed as CFO of local government, which responsibility is not managing finance affairs of government, but create flourish through planning and leading new projects. Projects are like; research snow art, set-up duty-free shops, lead local startup support event, plan school trip with SDGs learning, etc. Also, there was one project to update local stamp card for shopping street.
It was exactly the seed for warm capitalism with gratitude which Yoshi desired to contribute though the request did not mean that concept. He transformed to ecosystem for local abundance which all local stores, companies, government joins and used by all residents applying digital local currency. It has also being used as scholarship of international language students and many community activities (startup support, health check, volunteer) as well as emergency support under Covid-19.
On top of the work as local government CFO, he also works as a startup mentor for university researcher, Director of environmental protection NPO, owner of apartment hotel, On-demand CFO at healthcare startup in Silicon Valley, public speaker and so on.

CFO3.0: Optimize the world as a global leader
As CFO2.0, Yoshi has focused on local project to flourish local community, but he is standing on the next door.
Yoshi published a book called “Talk in Figure” which helps success at business by talking simple numbers. It is been widely read not only by business person, but also students or seniors who are not good at numbers.
Ken Honda expects it can be better accepted outside of Japan especially in Asia countries.
Also, he engages as an advisor of Unesco Design City Network and just decided to host global conference in 2024.
On top of that, he is working for business development of web3 education/business platform which can be applied both in Japan and global. As mentioned, ecosystem by digital local currency can be the basis of “warm capitalism with gratitude”, Basic Income, DAO with token economy as well as impact of AI will be the game changer to materialize it.

So, Yoshi is now changing the gear to the next stage as CFO3.0 targeting the mission as Optimize the World Upgrading Local, Harmonizing Global. He started to focus 3 agendas toward 2030 leveraging extreme experience CFO1.0 (global enterprise CFO) and CFO2.0(create ecosystem at local community).

More details are found in "About Yoshi Sadai" & "15positions as social entrepreneur"